when standing is too much

take for example my sister.
standing at a concert for 4 hours proved to be too much for her tiny little pregnant body.
so right there amid the sway of the crowd, she plopped herself onto the floor without a care.
no thought for the judgment or glances of others.
relief flooded.

standing has taken its toll on me.
& the past month I've been desperately trying to find a railing or a wall to lean against to try and take some of the weight off.

the possibility of relief has come in the form of something I wasn't expecting, or even wanting.
but I trust the advice of those around me, and more importantly, above me.

& until I am able to work up the stamina to stand on my own,
I am going to go ahead and take a seat on this crowded floor right here and figure some things out.


  1. I always knew my life was a metaphor for something.

    Also, can I come sit next to you?

  2. i was going to make some snarky remark about dani not being able to hack it and then i kept reading.
    darn you for making my heart feel things. i call dibs on the dani/madi bench.