seattle + a very short amount of time

14 days.
did your stomach just drop?
mine is doing weird giddy flip things.
but im going to talk about seattle now and avoid the subject for another post.

I can't tell you how incredible it felt to be back with some friends from NY. Not very many people here fit me like those I met in my year and a half spent there. Not pictured below is one of the best parts of the trip- Phantogram and the Lumineers in concert- FOR FREEEEEE. The story goes I am standing in line to buy my 35 dollar ticket for the Seattle block party just minding my own and out of nowhere a man slips something into my hand and says here's two ticket- then swiftly walks away before I even had time to pee my pants from excitement. A pre-mission phantogram christmas miracle? 

I put together a really quick video of the trip and I think you will appreciate the very end- kait singing celine dion- listening to her sing that made the whole trip worth it right there.

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  1. just reminiscing...

    o wait, i didn't go. AAAHHH SO JEALOUS! love the vid. girl you got some mad skillzz.