this girl

Forewarning its about to get sappy
so don't hate me after reading the gooey-ness of this post.

Lets get real.
Picture this.
Best friends for 14 years. & when I say best friends I mean friends who when other people see you alone say "where's your other half". Bfff's who decided since everyone called us twins anyways we might as well become blood sisters so -against all sanitary health codes- we cut our fingers and held them together for a few minutes to make it official. We would spend literally every summer together eating otter pops & velveeta shells while playing nintendo 007 in her creepy basement.  When she graduated and left me for Utah State & I followed her a year later & we moved in together. She is the reason I strive to be a better person. Every time someone would ask me who I looked up to and strived to be my answer was always Natalie.

Fast forward to when I decided to go on a mission. She texted me one morning a few months ago saying "I'm turning in my mission papers" & all of the sudden that wall that I put up was slowly coming down down and I thought "Madi, you can do a mission if Natalie can." The next day -after a few more miracles- I had made the decision to go. A couple days later I walked 4 houses down and had one of the most incredible experiences telling her I had decided to go on a mission.

Over the next two months I loved the interaction between us.
Calls about starting our papers, meetings with the stake president, texts saying the papers are in the mail & on their way. She got called about a month ago to the San Diego/Mormon batallion Visitor Center Mission. Wednesday morning she came over to sit & wait with me for my call to come in the mail.

She had work & couldn't be there when I opened it so she came straight over late wednesday night & had me read to her the call just as if she were there the first time. The look on her face when I said "California Riverside Mission... Natalie thats an hour and a half away from you" was one of those time you take a mental picture so you will never forget. That face + her and my tears + her jumping on me + her dancing around my room will be engrained in my memory forever. & the minute we pulled out the maps of our missions and realized they fit exactly like two pieces of a puzzle, I don't think I could describe the feeling between us.

I've never met a more loving, caring, compassionate human being in my life 
& I cant wait to be 100 miles away from her for the next 18 months.


  1. I love this sooooo much!! Congrats and best of luck to you both.

  2. this entire post could be cut and copied about me and katrina except all the specific details about the missions matching and stuff. but the love and the true best friendship and i think in a lot of ways i can completely relate.