family photos

After the funeral we pulled out all of my grandma's photo albums looking for more pictures of my grandpa and found some gems of my mom's family. These make me wish I had grown up in that era. 

Get ready because I went a little crazy with these.

Can you spot the afro blond haired madi in the rest of these?

& i've saved the best for last,
Yours truly.

I wish my hair still did that.


  1. i wish my hair did that too.
    let's get down to business.
    the pink + striped tie?! i'm in love.
    the marcia brady outfit with the socks? love.
    the 70s outfits with the chunky knit sweater? love.
    everyone just looks so happy and good back then. and i want those aviators.
    cookie monster bike seat? need.
    tribal rock pillow? need.
    lazer background photo? let's recreate.
    floral dress picture? recreate.

    i love these photos. i'm glad you were able to find some treasures going through these photo albums. it helps make remembering the happy times easier.

  2. AAHHH your grandpa is soooo handsome!

    and you are the most adorable kid - you still have the exact same smile. i LOVED these!!! xo