Lead with your vulnerability.

Lori posted this article yesterday titled "Why we love to be haters (and what to do about it)" and in it the writer quotes Brene Brown who I am going to see speak a women's conference here in nyc next month. She quotes her talk on vulnerability and I it reminded me just how much this talk has effected me this year. I want to post it here since I've listened to this talk more times than i'd like to admit and a couple months back made it a new years resolution. It may be 20 minutes but watch it anyway!

"Vulnerability is not weakness, It is our most accurate measurement of courage... It is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, of joy, love, belonging, and change.. We need to stop numbing vulnerability, because when we do, we numb joy, gratitude, and happiness."

"Vulnerability is the willingness to breath through something where there is no guarantees. "

I watched this video at the beginning of January and decided to dive fully into that uncomfortable place of vulnerability this year. And do you know what i've found? Its not that scary of a place at all. Yes there are moments of "this is unfamiliar" and moments where I would like to back out. But the experiences and the changes and the things i have learned from putting myself in that place, far out weigh the few minutes of unfamiliarity.

I have made many decisions this year that have put me in this place of vulnerability but i cant tell you how far I have come in just a few months. Im experiencing joy and gratitude and happiness, in capacities that I never thought possible before.


  1. Thanks for this. Our friendship grows through the cyber world. kinda dig it.

  2. I love this! Thanks for posting it.