A Year in New York

I thought this appropriate to post for my one year mark of living here.

I love when I get a glimpse of how large this city really is. It's different when you actually live in the middle of this monstrosity and it just becomes your every day life. I love the random moments on the 7 train where you get to see the skyline, or when your in a cab and get to see the city in a whole new way.

I don't want to ever leave this place. Can't everything I want to do in life be right here so I never have to go?!

Like Nicole said , make it full screen and turn the sound up. Hopefully you can start to see why I am in love with NY.

Please tell me this video made you cry as well..
I'm such a sap.

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  1. Was your favorite part when the video showed the bars and the clubs? hahaha