One year ago
literally this instant,
I was on a plane flying to NYC.

I sat down to really take this past year in, and it was one of those times where you have this wave of "holy shiz, what just happened?" and then you can't breathe for a second because of the overwhelming-ness of the situation. And then you eat some cold left over dominos pizza in the fridge.

Have I really made it a whole year? #notreallife. There is literally no way to bundle up all of my thoughts and feelings over the past year. So much love for this incredible experience. Hardest yet absolutely and completely most rewarding time of my life.

The people i've met.. ohhhhh the people! If you only knew the people.
These as some incredible human beings.
They don't come greater than these ones I gots.
But really. A place is only as good as the people you know.
And this place is reealll real good.

Living here has made my love and appreciation for this gospel grow ten million gagillion folds. Its not only something that I incorporate into my life. It IS my life.

I love how the process works of being able to grow and learn and become new people. I have changed in every aspect of my life. The picture is broader. And I am happy.

I cant wait to see how wide the picture is in another year.


  1. i still can't believe you did this. you are amazing. i can't even begin to imagine the memories you've created and how much you've grown.
    so cool.
    you are so cool.

  2. This is what I try to communicate to people when they ask what my daughter is doing in NY. Well said, Madison. We love you.

  3. You know how we say that someone "gets it"? Madi, I think you've "got it"! And, life will never be the same again..... I'm proud of you!
    Aunt Jan

  4. woman! you are a gem, and i like you, okay? congratulations on the year mark and being open to the incredible experiences around you!

    go girl!