Beauty in the Cesspool


What would pursuade almost 2 million people to live on a island the size of my pinky finger? (No, that number doesn't even included the millions and millions of people who commute into the city everyday or any of the tourists.)

This is how my brain see's it. It's like everyone in the world knows there is this secret when it comes to NY. But does anyone even know the secret? No. Even the people who experience NY every day don't know what the secret is but the fact that the secret is there makes this place feel almost magical. Cheesy? Embrace it.

And I think if that myth of a secret was taken away, we would all realize how insane we've been for putting up with the cesspool subways, and almost 1000 dollars every month to rent a shared room (which I am positive was a shoe box when the landlord first said "yeahhh this looks like something someone would pay thousands of dollars to live in, lets kick the little mice out of their home and shove 4 fully sized humans into it, they'll fit!) when we could be paying off a house with that kind of money,
But I've been sucked in.
I've been sucked in despite the possibility of contracting something fatal everytime I step onto a subway.
Despite when step outside in the mornings and take a deep breath, it always ends in me gagging a lil' due to the giant pile of trash that sat overnight and made the whole street smell.

There is a ridiculously long list of all the great things I love about Manhattan and normally here is where I would insert that list but this post is already waaay to long so I will save that post for another day.

Straight up?
Living here makes me happy. It pushes me Sometimes on the really really hard days I day dream about moving back to Utah where its easier and I wouldn't have to work as hard because Utah is my comfort zone, but the results that come from me pushing myself every day are incredible.

That picture explains how I feel about NY. Beauty in the Cesspool. And I don't think that will ever change.


  1. First, The subway almost made me a four fingered weather woman. Second, I am so glad you consider yourself a fully grown human. Third, you are very inspiring and I admire you!

  2. Nope. stop it. Utah is way more bad A than you think it is. Things have changed since you left- I can't even say on here the phrases I hear at the grocery store because mom reads this blog. And don't get me started on how hard i have to push my self So.. You should maybe just come back.

  3. Danica is a bad influence, don't listen to her. I'm going to be in NYC on October 11th and I would like to officially meet you! Can we make that happen? I would also like to see Ms Blatter.....let me know!

  4. I'm coming to new york!!! early november! we should meet up for nutella crepes :)

  5. A USU alumni in NYC? What are you doing there?