4 plus 4

Picture is a still from the wedding i filimed last weekend (all by myself i might add!)

               8 months (tomorrow!) have gone by.
                 Scary how fast time goes,
                      and yet how absolutely wonderful the changes that come with it can be.

               It's starting to smell of fall here in the NYC.
                  Boots, cardigans, beanies, 
                 and my moms pumpkin chocolate chip muffins are what my nostrils are telling me.
                What are your olfactories telling you?

              (p.s. number 3 is uhh-mazing..
          but really all of them are worth the listening)


  1. 8 months??? You could be having a BABY in a month! wait what? you are pregnant??

  2. fall in new york sounds like a dream. can you just please stay there forever and then i can come when i graduate? awesome.
    and that picture looks awesome. i want to see the video. SHOW ME THE VIDEO!

  3. the colors in that photo are really great!

    to answer your question.. my boots are white mountain.. zappos and dsw carry the brand :)
    i love themmmm.. warm and cozy :)