1. haha parts i loved the most:

    - when it says "no I ain't gotta gun" and she acts like she is holding a gun

    -"I had diamonds in my mouth" and she smiles and does thumbs up like in the music video

    -"I'm on a boooooaat" and whatever she does at that part haha

    -brinley pushing presley away and presley twirling

    - "hello? agh."

    basically like the whole thing.

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  3. I'm glad we both posted this and both commented on each others post. You really are my only fan of this blog missy haha.

  4. I'm a fan! I'm one of Dani's friends and I kept seeing all your projects that she posted and they were just so awesome and cute. So I started to follow your blog, which might seem creepy but I will admit that I have a small case of blog stalking, but not in a creepy sort of way. Which kind of sounds creepy either way. Jeez,Great. ha ha

    Anyways...well my name is Lauren and I met you once years and years ago. Pleased to meet you again I guess!