the church on manhattan and milton

So much to say. Just not enough journalism-istic-ish skills to put it into a neatly, readable, all together post. Feel free to not read the ranting. It just needed to happen.

Walked around Brooklyn today. Before I came out and even the first week or so I thought I would eventually want to move from Brooklyn into the city. But the more I'm here the more I love it. It's waaaay cheaper than the city, and there are just little things about Brooklyn that are in my opinion better than the city.

Last summer while working at texas roadhouse a girl named Mckelle started. She was wonderful. And blissful. Than she decided to move to New York and nanny. She told me to come out and nanny with her and of course i day dreamed about moving to the big city but didn't put much thought into it because I knew that it was about a 95% chance it would never happen. Fast forward about 6 months and here I am. In New York. Crazy? I think so! 

I saw Mckelle for the first time saturday night and it was pure bliss. She let us come up to harrison which is about 40 minutes away from Manhattan. We stayed at her house, ate way to much cookie dough, and went to church with her in Connecticut. I loved every second with her and I can't wait to see her more! 

Now, a round trip ticket to Utah to be there when my nephew is born is approximately $368.

My bank account+ Not yet a steady job=
not nearly enough.  unless i don't want to pay rent next month.
If this were a facebook status i would write a comment underneath that says "dislike".

Madi lives right above a laundromat. That laundromat is called Samoobslugowa (not even lying peoples) Typically people like to dry things at laundromats. Madi has a heart attack every time someone starts a dryer because it feels like an earthquake in her apartment.

When an earthquake really does happen, I will be the one to die because I thought it was a fake out again. It's like the boy who cried wolf.

but the boy is the dryer.

..or is the dryer the wolf?

Tomorrow I am assisting for a photographer on a photo shoot for Nylon Magazine. I feel legit when i say that. 
..I'm not. But we can pretend right?

It's two in the morning brooklyn time. And I have to get up early (930) tomorrow. Yes i did wake up at almost noon today. 

I lead hard, hard life.

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