A Letter to Millie in Summer

She's here Millie, around the corner I see her; through the stain glass panel to the right of the bay window. Most the time its in the early morning and its this sacred moment every time. I think it's because she knows thats the time of day I am most attentive & alive.

She's here and I want to know why she comes now. Is it because I am not handling this on my own? Or is it simply because she wants to be here? My guess though is that its a little bit of both. Either way the feeling is mutual.

And the weird thing is she always appears on my right. She stands there, palms flat, sometimes laid one on top of the other over her chest. But most of the time they are outstretched as if she is continually saying she is ready for anything. Ready to hold it with me. Ready to give whatever she has to fight this alongside me. Sometimes if she really wants to get my attention she’ll come directly in front of me, hands grasping mine, piercing my soul with those eyes.

As I finish praying over my morning cornflakes her hand is on my shoulder. & it isnt heavy while it rests there. Instead somehow its like she is defying the laws of nature & lifting me with her touch. In what different dimension is it possible for me to actually feel her hand resting there?

I think I should start preparing myself for when she must leave. I’ve become accustomed to her here & and I am scared for that change to come.

I hope maybe one day you'll get to meet her too, Millie. I think you'd really like her.

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