Its weekends like this that make me wish I was a better writer so that I could convey everything that's inside of me. But I am incapable of describing what seems to be overflowing in my heart so just go with me here.

It was an 11pm trip up to half moon rock on our last night there. And the combination of driving through the canyon with the windows down, listening to music where every song seems to just speak to your insides, and sitting behind it all looking at the backs of these girls heads who have become more and more a part of me these past years. It was the kind of scene/feeling I hope to one day be able to capture on film.

When I am with them, there is no passing judgment on myself in the back of my head. I am who I REALLY am. I am my favorite me.

So, on top of the rock that made us feel like we were landing on the moon,
we erased ourselves like in star girl.
That "boundary" was gone.
We let ourselves be who we needed to for awhile, even if that was taking a moment to not be here, not be us, just exist and nothing more.

Grand Junction, CO ate all of our hearts out.
..chewed them up,
and spit them back out.
but in a good way.

Best description ever.


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