kind of, sort of, technically.. a year?

This happened exactly one year ago today. whaaaa? New York has officially been in my life for a year! It was exactly a year ago I decided to move out here with out a plan, with only a shannon and measly amount of money in my bank account.

I had no idea a year ago that the decison I made on that random Tuesday in November would turn me into the person I am today. And to be honest, I still can't believe that I live here.

I am grateful for New York
and I am grateful for everything wonderful that comes with that amazingly, beautiful, fantastic word.


  1. oh a whim?! you're even cooler than i thought. teach me how to be cool and brave like this.
    p.s. i just applied for a spring new york internship and i find out in december if i got in. cross your fingers and stay there long enough for us to be city friends.

  2. ok, that picture is awesome in so many ways. Glad to hear that after one year your still glad you made the decision...I knew it would get better for you! Miss you!